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Hey everybody welcome to binge mode this is a special podcast where we dive deep into past messages from Grace Community Church will be talking with guests exploring spiritual living and talk about what it looks like to live out our faith in practical ways we aren’t trying to preach these great messages over again instead we are going to go deep into the truths found there so welcome to binge mode if you haven’t listened to throwback Thursdays message from Thursday night consider yourself a disadvantaged human being but you have to have heard it to follow along with us today so listen in hey every Thursday at Grace toasty calm / online you can experience past messages with us live along with others it’s a really awesome thing that we’re trying to do every Thursday coming forward here and right now we’re going through the series anxious for nothing anxious for nothing is a five-week series with Pastor Jared and he did this back in January of 2018 so for the next five weeks we’ll be diving deep into Philippians 4 where Paul says do not be anxious about anything we’ll be talking about how that is even possible and how we can have the peace of God which surpasses all understanding so this week on the show we’ve got pastor Korey deck he’s the lead pastor at our Newburgh campus he’s also helping to lead out our church Online Campus as well.

So Korey welcome to the show thanks for having me guys we are really glad to have you on here Korey and you’ve been doing a great job with church online and I also know that you have some great stuff to say some response to the messages this week and Tyler do you mind if I just jump right in yeah awesome okay I’ve been looking forward to this so at the very front end of the message if you got to listen to it awesome you know that Pastor Jared started talking about the three things the three top things that Americans from 2018 that’s I can’t believe that message was that one two years old yeah already so the top three things that Americans from 2018 are anxious about according to the APA number one the future of the country number two money and number three work which is it’s almost prophetic it’s kind of crazy that yeah that really speaks to our time right now I don’t think that’s changed yeah definitely that’s so interesting you know I was um when we’d said we were into this series to start off I this was the first series I was at Grace for and really specifically remember these three things being talked about and thinking I wonder if these will be the things we worry about for the next 10 15 20 years and then I anticipate that they will be you know I don’t, I don’t know well I don’t know how things will change coming out of this virus but right yeah I’m sure nothing will ever be the same again.

After this but these three particular things there’s at least right now there’s still the things that we’re anxious about the people are getting anxious over and the way the pastor Jarrod had said it is that anxiety won’t go away in this life but we can have more and more victory over it almost like I got this image in my head of we can gain ground the anxiety has taken from us yeah I love how he said anxiety is just a part of life and that’s such a like I don’t know it’s freeing and discouraging at the same time like in one in one part it’s discouraging because you’re like oh this is this is like never gonna go away but at the same time it is freeing because I think that it makes it normalizes it you know we tend to feel like man am I the only one that you know fits this way and I was like digging in I’m thinking about anxiety and it like it’s that feeling of you know when you get a pit in your stomach and you just feel uneasy right and we’re like I actually this experience happened to me last night like staying up late and like my mind is running and I can’t get to sleep and man I don’t know about you guys but I’ve like I felt that way so many times throughout my life yes I get it right in my sternum like I just want to get it out and for some other reason I feel it in my hands I end up kind of like my hands guy put them together and I kind of I don’t know I massage my own hands with my you know I’m saying like does that even help you know you can only crack your knuckles so many times.

Really I also get the heart racing the I don’t know sometimes I even get migraines like I’ll lay down and I can see my heart like pumping out of my chest and and my wife will be like did you like go for a run or something and I’m like no I’m just really stressed right now mine was this morning so I everyday the past few weeks or past few days I mean sorry I’ve been waking up with like a stomach ache I’m like I don’t know if I mean getting sick or if I’m just like I got up and I start to go about my day realizing that everything is so different right now and I think my body is just genuine like I get the anxiety and my sternum – but it’s lately it’s been different so it’s it’s interesting to hear us even all talk about that I imagine or not I mean I’m sure I know we’re not the only one so I appreciate that Pastor Jared gave us that permission even to just recognize this is a part of our life yeah but I was curious like something that we did I did this morning because this has been happening for the past few days since I’ve been home and I’m curious what what are you guys doing to like kind of step through that step over it cuz this morning I just I got up and I was like you know what I’ve got three meetings and 25 emails but and I’m gonna go like roll around with my kids for a little bit and like I’m gonna go run in the snow cuz why is it snowing on the first day of spring what the heck is going on but you know we’ve got like and it just in five minutes I still have a stomach ache but I feel like I’m not crippled you know yeah mmm you know I think the first thing that I thought of when I was you know starting to think through this is that you you shouldn’t try to fight it do you know what I’m saying?

Like feelings are feelings they they aren’t controllable as much as I’d love them to be you know what I’m saying in fact like I remember way back when I was in a course on counselling and they would say in the course and I still remember to this day like feelings are sort of the the warning light on your dashboard of your life like you don’t necessarily know what the problem is but the feelings that you feel whether it’s anxiety or fear or anger whatever the feeling is but you know this case we’re thinking anxiety that’s that’s God being like warning warning you know the Holy Spirit saying there’s something going on behind this and so I always try to when I’m feeling that way when you know I get the pit in my stomach or whatever I try to take a step back and sort of disconnect from the moment and say like what is happening here like why am I feeling this way and instead of just moving like on past it ignoring it which is sometimes what we do yes that’s that’s where my mind goes is I want to see the thing behind the thing what is causing this where’s this coming from so to speak and I end up wanting to think that okay whether it’s one of those three things that we had mentioned of you know the country money work whether it’s those things I want it to be that because I’m thinking about those things I’m anxious about those things because it’s gonna affect my family.

But I think deep down often it’s because these things end up affecting my self-worth or what are people gonna think of me like it’s it’s much more selfish and self-preservation II it comes more from that kind of place than it does one of how is this going to impact my my family but Cory I think you asked a really good question of what do you do to engage it but you do when you have these emotions you got the pain in the stomach or the chest or you’re stuck there rubbing your hands like I do and I think I think one of the things that I do is I give my hand something to do personally I end up trying to go and my go-to is the heavy bag I worked out and just not even anything crazy I just try to get not distract myself necessarily but the it’s it’s almost like it gives part of my brain an opportunity to think through these things while my hands are busy working out and also just like you said just rolling around with your kids and instead of sitting there just rubbing my hands and almost paralyzing myself in that moment I think it’s good I always tried it like what and I think maybe pastor Jared touched on it like the splitting of your mind thing yet like yeah and I don’t remember how he framed it so maybe you could set that up because in my mind it’s like I split my mind when I when I get anxious I split my mind so that I can like take ground back from the anxiety that make sense sure yeah the way Pastor Jarrod had talked about it was it’s like our mind is a log and anxiety it means to have a your mind is splintering or splitting it’s almost like anxiety is an axe that’s coming down and splitting your mind into two different thoughts like you’re being torn apart and any he got into this you had this really great quote about how it’s we end up thinking that anxiety is robbing us of our joy but anxiety does not rob your joy it is robbed a joy that creates anxiety.

Almost said like it creates a space for it to come into as to be filled with something whether it’s joy or anxiety our go-to is anxiety and I was thinking about it in terms of my marriage because we are Michelle and I are we probably only see each other every night maybe like between 2 to 4 hours and I’m just after both home and everything and because we both work and Michelle’s a mechanical engineer and she works crazy hours to sew and we’re wondering like how are we going to do with this increased amount of approximate amount of time yeah that we’re spending together the way however we’ve never had to do that and you know what I’ll say it this way is the first couple days even when we go on vacations together is always a little interesting but I was thinking is already my mind is slipping to this place where I know that the quickest way to destroy a gift is to compare it to something else I know so if anxiety doesn’t rob us of our joy I think comparison does so before my marriage has even been affected by this because she’s still going to work she’s still working she’s in manufacturing so she’s able to work I’m comparing the potential damage that’s done from stress and prolonged proximity to the way things were in the past and how they used to be good the good old days and and that is going to rob me of joy yeah absolutely and I wrote I wrote this question down after that point cuz I was such a good point that that passenger had made I said what are the situations that I’m blaming for for my anxiety and it’s so easy you know I talked about this earlier but like when I do take that step back and I start to like dig and say okay what’s going on here it’s very easy then to fill that answer in with oh it’s the situation that’s happening to me mmm it’s the stickman that’s going on in my life it’s the fact that I’m worried about paying my bills next month it’s the way that that person treated me and there might be like conflict going on here and so it’s easy for me to say the situation is the problem that’s why I’m anxious that’s why I’m feeling that way and so I felt like when Paul says they rejoiced in the Lord always Pastor Jared said this in the message to when he was addressing his like your joy can’t be found in your circumstances and that hit me like a two-by-four like cuz that’s where I always go is I’m trying to find joy in my circumstances I’m trying to my I want my life to be easy you know all those kinds of things and so the first thing that I default to is like oh it’s it’s my circumstances like if I just had enough money if my health was perfect if everyone in my life just treated me with kindness I read that phrase rejoice in the Lord and I don’t know if you guys sometimes cop an attitude with the Bible but like every time I read that phrase and I guess like I feel like it brings out something nasty in me.

Where I’m like rejoice in the Lord always what an arrogant privileged writer this guy must be like you must have the easiest life ever I try to I try to engage the Bible like that would like with all my self not just the Christian part you know and um and every time I read there’s a there’s a few passages like this in the Bible that just like irritate me but it’s like it’s one of the reasons I like that we’re talking about this message because I think the idea it irritates me for a few reasons I knows people who are like they used the rejoice in the Lord always line to escape from confronting the actual issues and that really bothers me because I feel like I wish I could escape like that like I wish I could just say rejoice and then actually like feel fine but I can’t like I feel like really I think that’s a lot of weight around it core I think that’s a great point I’d love to dig in a little bit more like what do you mean when you say they use it to escape like how do you see people using that to try to escape you know I don’t know if this is the same for you Jake but like I feel like I have a lot of conversations with folks around our campus or in our community and I know that there’s stuff going on in every one of our lives and then I want to like I want to engage that with folks I think that’s part of the bet that’s um one of the best things that I get to do in my role is to just kind of like be with people in those things because we’re not alone we are all experiencing this kind of whether it’s anxiety like that’s the topic for today but pride fear stress you know internal sin external sin like there’s all kind of stuff that we’re all facing and there’s a couple of really like powerful lines in the Bible like rejoice in the Lord always and what that really carries has an implication for our lives as like a great like tool and launching point for handling stress and anxiety but we often will take that and because it is so powerful a lot of times it doesn’t require like step two three four or five it just like it sounds like step one has all the answers and and I and I appreciate that and I think it’s a good it’s not a bad place to start but I think a lot of times we just say and leave it there instead of like going all the way with with what what the implications of what Paul is writing.

Really it what that really means and that our joy can’t be found in circumstances in fact our joy often time will be something we have to search for in our circumstances it’ll be something that we’ll have to like work really hard at we’ll have to overcome anxiety to find the joy and I think sometimes we just assume well I’m anxious then I can’t have joy and I and that’s so that’s kind of what I was getting at yeah yeah and sometimes we use that to you know sort of Club other people over the head like I’m more spiritual than you because I’m having joy right now in my life and you are not so your problem is you just need to rejoice in the Lord yes is it I think it’s it’s a it’s a description of how we ought to act right but it’s it’s got some prescriptive like truth in it for us but when we start prescribing for others the way they have to the way that they must rejoice and find joy I think that’s where we’ve like crossed a little bit of a line like I don’t think Jesus is super happy when we do that yeah oh you brought up a great point how as your just even just walk around on a Sunday there’s a lot of or just during Saturday’s used to you guys have Saturday services but you kind of engage with these different people and they’ll say these things and you kind of sometimes you know it’s you know it’s you kind of just know it when you hear it and you know when people are being trite and you know when it’s oh I know what they’re going through right now or I don’t even know what they’re going through but I know that it’s when they’re saying rejoice in the Lord I just have a sense that it’s it is real do you know I’m talking about with that person because and I feel like it’s not just our job as pastors that’s not even what I mean I mean as like somebody who loves them enough to tell them the truth to cut through that and you challenge them on that are you using that as a band-aid right now or are you saying it in a trite way just because you don’t feel like dealing with the circumstances and one of the passages that Pastor Jarrod brought up was Psalm 94 verse 19 and said things that when anxiety was great within me your consolation brought me joy.

So this he used the word pastor Jared and used the word marinate on Scripture and I was thinking of like marinade like you almost like you put meat in a bag and yeah like you don’t just put it in there for five seconds it’s like it’s in there for a while hours exactly yeah yeah yes what you just said Jake like the your consolation brought me joy I think that’s so often like one of the ways I get I feel sad when I here like an and they were taking kind of like a tone on like people who say this and so I don’t want it to be like a sweeping statement but anytime I see people are and this is just probably a great step for all of us is like the consolation being that like that what brings us joy I think we as the church get to be a part of that for each other right it’s yeah I think it’s an it’s an action it’s a it’s a it’s a thing that we must do and and when anxiety is great within others and ourselves I think we all get to be part of that consolation process so I think when I hear things that I’m like I know you’re deflecting I know you’re running from this can can we just like can I can I be consolation to you because I know in two or three days I’m gonna want consolation from you I I’m gonna want us to be in this you know together and I think that’s one of the things I like I’m like oh man I wish we could stop with the certified stuff to just like be in it with each other yeah that’s such a good way to say it man yeah and so even for yourself what are you doing it’s so one of the pieces of like the marination marinating I guess is I kind of want to just ask you the open-ended question of like, what are you doing or can you give us some ideas of how to marinate on Scripture or I’m even thinking about it outside of like almost how can we be applying Scripture in this time how can we lead ourselves in this time I want to just kind of ask you that open-ended question?

So question being like how my Merida in Scripture how am i specially like contextually in this time so trained this time yeah and not just you but for anybody I think there’s a couple I mean and a lot of this is like rhythms for people’s lives so I think it kind of like for me it takes a tone because I’m working at home but we’d love to hike we’d love to be outside all those things so for me it’s it’s like finding the time when I could be absolutely like I could pick up another content I could pick up another and show to binge yes I could pick up another thing and there’s not a lot wrong with that I don’t I have watched a lot of Disney Plus in the past because but part of that for me is that I really like watching the movies that I grew up on with my kids that gets really fun we watched Space Jam last night with Pattinson and it was like such a joy to watch him like his mind could not process Michael Jordan of the same it was great and and so it’s like there’s there’s one of those like we I had consolation with my family like there was joy there because Sarah and I had talked about what like a weird couple days it had been and so there’s that right but then there’s also like we’re trying to make as many moments out of this as possible and I know that’s really it’s really hard for us and our situations are not nearly as difficult as I know a lot of the people and even in our church congregation are right now but making making some time and then really looking for and also just challenged like looking for those opportunities to where like where instead of picking up another thing can I pick up Scripture can I pick up some PA um you know I think marinate goes even deeper than that though.

Because like a lot of times when we think marinate at least I do I don’t want to speak for anybody else but I think oh like I need to read my Bible more I you know I need another sermon podcast it’s like I’m adding and I feel like that’s not necessarily I don’t even think that’s what Pastor Jared was really meaning I think it’s more like take the scripture that already God has implanted into your heart and let it take roots in your life and I was thinking about Matthew 7:24 through 27 where there’s two guys and one builds this house on the stand and the other on rock I think a lot of us are familiar with that passage and you know Jesus says hey the difference is not in the trials like in those situations both both cases like the rains come and they come down and they like batter the house and I love that because it’s like hey whether you’re a Christian or not you’re gonna have trials you’re gonna have like tribulations we’re all hey look like we’re all in this pandemic together right but the difference is taking the word of Jesus and but he doesn’t just say listen to my words he says listen to it and obey it and so I was thinking about that marinade idea and it’s like not just oh I heard God’s word I like check my box if I got my sermon from Pastor Jarrod or whatever but I’m now I’m like actually thinking about and meditating on if I could use that word.

Like what does that actually look like in my life as I’m like going about my day as I’m interacting with my wife and my kids and my coworkers and and letting the spirit sort of be like Oh see that’s how it comes out right there and how you just spoke to that person or it comes out right here in how you should be like witnessing to this person that I just brought in your path and instead you like walked away so I always think about meta you know meditating marinating is more like not I need to get more word Word of God in my life cuz y’all can tend to be legalistic but more of like I need to think more about well how should this be affecting my like actual walk that’s so good I think of it like um like ruthless self-awareness you know like that’s a great statement yeah because it’s you know back to the top of the the conversation when we talked about anxiety is what fills the Rob joy in in what you’re describing and like if you’re being really aware of where it is that joy is leaving like um I found a lot of joy in going to the office and making coffee and hanging out with our staff and in getting to do work in in the church with the church so I’m struggling right now because I don’t have that like that’s one of the areas and I recognize that joy is not present in the same way it used to be so I could allow that gap to become filled with anxiety and worry and I it has started there but even in this conversation.

I’m thinking oh man I’ve got to be more aware of this I’ve got to go ask for some extra accountability and feedback because I I know there’s a lot of areas we’re just and not even in a like a addicted to work kind of way but just in a rhythm of life way I got a lot I have been very fulfilled being a pastor at the Newburgh campus I don’t get to see the Newport campus for a while so how are we going to move forward and like all those experiences where we had joy and find new rhythms and new ways to to to have a foundation of scripture like what you were talking about Tyler and fill them with something other than and not let them does not let anxiety or pride or some other sin spot to take that ground how are we gonna even like not even taking new ground right now just holding the ground that we’ve already taken you know yeah towards the end of the sermon you know pastor Jerry was talking about how do we make Jesus and I think this goes along with like what you were just saying Cory how do we make Jesus the source and the supply of our joy and I loved how he phrased phrased it that way source and supply there’s like two different things but I also thought and I feel like I hear that a lot and it’s almost become a cliche to me you know what I mean because I’ve heard that a lot like make Jesus the source of your joy I wonder what you guys think like what does that actually look like in you know in real life I think part of this is just maybe how I operate sigh I would probably say this is way more descriptive right but I always try to examine like what why is it that I’m really doing this and try to get to the source of even what I have been doing so I think if you can identify and be again like really self-aware and build that into your relationships in your life and your rhythms if you can be aware of even the source of the things that you’re saying.

I think that’s how you figure out well is is that is the source of this something that’s really centered on Scripture is really centered on biblical principle it’s really centered on truly just my relationship with Jesus is this something that I would feel comfortable you know having larger scale conversations with others about or is this something that like brings me to a place of like selfishness or shame or anger and so getting to the source of even some of the things that we do on a daily basis because I’ve had that relationship with work before where I’m like why do I love going to work so much okay let me get to the source of this because it is it am I like am i running from something by avoiding something and and I’ve had those kites those kinds of things getting to the source of why you do what you do I think gives Jesus the opportunity to be the source of why you do what you do yeah that makes sense definitely is so good I was thinking for me like I when I am feeling anxiety you know I kind of have like a few go twos that I always go to I’m like oh I’m gonna go play like video games for a couple hours or I’m gonna go like take a nap you know and I was thinking real but if Jesus is gonna be my source you know if I want to phrase it that way.

Because I love phrasing it that way it’s I go to Jesus first before I go to whatever you know whatever it is fill and fill in the blank that kind of thing mm-hmm yeah I like just to kind of show up that point CS Lewis has a great quote and I think even Pastor Jared used this tune the message that’s probably where I got this was he says I know now Lord why you utter no answer you are yourself the answer Amen that’s right now you miss deaf guys well Korey thanks so much for joining us this week do you thanks for having me guys this was such a blast thanks for helping us like diving into some of these points and yeah I was so awesome yeah thanks for bringing the goods so we hope that’s something we’ve discussed here this week can in some way encourage you and move you closer to Jesus and there’s a couple of really important things they want to share with you here at the end of the show.

First is to let you know about Church online we are doing Church online every weekend and you can join us by going to and we even created a really special Facebook group just for church online so that you can experience community encouragement and connect with other members of the grace family online anyone can join so just go to so next week we’ll be covering week two of anxious for nothing and Pastor Jared will be talking about rejoicing even though no choice even though fill in the blank that’s right fill in the blind for yourself what is it that once the challenge is not to rejoice but we still rejoice even though what is that for you so we talked them through that so if you want to experience the sermon with us before listening to the show join us for throwback Thursdays with Church online at 7 p.m. you can watch the sermon live chat and with the grace family and even get live prayer. Tyler and I might even be there, so thanks for joining us this week thanks for listening in to binge mode.

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