Here at Grace…

You are a gift to us and we are so glad you chose to spend time with us today.

It’s okay not to be okay. Our hope is that you don’t want to stay in that “not okay” place.

We love you enough to tell you the Truth—the capital “T” Truth of Jesus Christ.

Our Senior Pastor

Jarrod Jones

Jarrod Jones

Senior Pastor

“Jesus loved us so much that He came as Truth. We must love people so much that we tell them the Truth.”

Pastor Jarrod is the Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church. Under his leadership, the Lord has grown the church from one location to multiple campuses across Orange County.

A native of Clanton, Alabama, Pastor Jarrod is a visionary leader, author, and gifted speaker. He is passionate about bringing the glorious truth of the Gospel to all people, and often uses humor and real-life experiences as he shares God’s word and its practical application for daily living.

Jarrod, his wife Christie, their four children, a hot-tempered Chihuahua named Tidbit, and a super-sweet pup named Gus, live in Sugar Loaf, New York. You can hear more from Pastor Jarrod, his thoughts on faith, leadership, and being well at his blog, Jarrod Tweets and Periscopes @JarrodJones. Please feel free to email his office at

Mission, Vision, and Staff

Grace is on mission to reach Orange County and beyond for Christ by making fully devoted followers of Jesus.

We are a people on the move—giving of our time, talents, and resources, growing in our faith, moving out into our communities and the world to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

We are thrilled you’ve stopped here to check us out. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at Even better—stop by one of our campuses.

Grace Central Pastors

Adrian Schoonmaker

Executive Pastor

Jeff Dueck

Creative Arts Pastor

Brandon Collins

Ministry Operations Pastor