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June 6, 2021


June 13

Grace will be offering baptism during our June 13th services. If you are interested in being baptism, click below to let us know!

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Collective Youth Graduation Celebration!

June 11, 6:00 pm

All 2021 HS graduates and their families are invited to attend the CY 2021 Graduation Celebration at Thomas Bull Memorial Park on Friday, June 11th, from 6-9pm. Please register to let us know you’re coming!

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Collective Youth Parent Orientation (in person and online)

June 27, 5:00 pm

If you have a new middle schooler, a CY Parent Orientation will be held on Sunday, June 27th, at 5pm at the Grace Washingtonville Campus. You and your new middle school student are also invited to stay for the 6pm CY Worship Service held each week. At registration, you have the choice to attend in-person (food and beverages available) or online via live stream. Please register below to attend.

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GraceKids Moving Up Day!

GraceKids Moving Up Day! All GraceKids will move up to their next grade as of Sunday, July 4th. Your children will already be moved up in our check-in system when you arrive. Be mindful, through our registration system, what GraceKids age groups are currently open.

Night of Worship

Grace Community Washingtonville will be holding a special Night of Worship on Wednesday, June 9th at 7pm. Please note that this service will be held as a relaxed service. No registration is needed.