Leadership Pathway 101

An Introduction to Leadership at Grace Community Church

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Gain the tools, thinking, and hands-on teaching you need to be a successful leader at Grace.


Learn leadership standards and basic principles for leadership success from current Grace leadership.

Relationship Building

Meet other leaders and build relationships for mentoring, widsom, and accountability.

Please be aware: This is a completely separate course from SLD!

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Weekly Class

12 Week Commitment

Just 2 Hours a week!


Weeks of Class


Day a Week


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Powerful training and practical equipping for Leadership at Grace

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Who is this Training for?

Current Leaders

If you are already a leader at Grace you can gain equipping and training for your current role. Meet other leaders and get the flavor for culture at Grace.

Up and Coming Leaders

If you are already serving and ready to move up you can take your next steps towards leadership at Grace. Discover what you need to move forward in leadership roles here.

Future Leaders

Anyone that has any interest at all at being a leader at Grace and can take this course as a “first step” on their journey of leadership. This is a great place to start learning how to be a leader in your life.

What are the Key Goals?

Shared Culture

We want to identify and articulate a shared culture for how we do leadership here at Grace. Our goal is to create unity of mind and perspective for those who lead at our church.

Establish Standards

We’ll be sharing our established standards and common expectations for every leadership position. Our goal is to set the bar high while at the same time equipping you to meet the standards.

Equip Leaders

We’ll be giving you the basic tools and training you need to lead teams at Grace. We want to make sure you leave with a feeling of confidence in your leadership skills.

Start Dates and Meeting Times

You can choose to take the class at any campus location below. You do not have to attend the class on your particular campus.

Spring Semester Registration is now Open! Sign up Today!

Washingtonville Campus

Wednesday Nights, 6:30-8:30 PM
Starts January 30th, 2019

Newburgh Campus

Thursday Nights, 7:15-9:15 PM
Starts January 31st, 2019

Middletown Campus

Wednesday Nights, 7:00-9:00 PM
Starts January 30th, 2019

Warwick Campus

The Warwick Campus will not be hosting the leadership pathway during this semester. However, you can attend leadership pathway at ANY campus.

Port Jervis Campus

Sunday nights, 6:30-8:30 PM
Starts February 3rd, 2019

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Powerful training and practical equipping for Leadership at Grace

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Leadership Pathway 101 FAQ

Is this the same as SLD?

No, it is a different program and a different class. It also has a very different purpose. SLD is more focused on personal ministry formation while Leadership Pathway 101, is focused on leadership equipping at Grace.

For SLD Inquiries please fill out THIS FORM.

Is this a requirement for all current leaders?

No. However, our long-term goal is that every leader serving at Grace will have gone through these classes to receive the training and equipping they need to succeed in leadership.

Do I have to attend at my campus location?

No. While most campuses are hosting the class at their facility you are free to attend the class at any campus you wish. These campuses are just locations where the class will be held. This gives flexibility for you to attend at any location.

Does this have anything to do with membership at Grace Community Church?

This class is completely unrelated to membership and does not affect that in any way.

What if I can't attend right now/I'm too busy right now?

No problem! Our plan is to offer this course every semester. If you are still interested yet unable to attend right now look for more details this spring for the class starts again.

I'm already a leader, why do I need this?

This will give all leaders at Grace common vocabulary, training, and tools. It will help you understand the leadership culture that we are creating here. It will also help you build relationships with other leaders on your campus and at Grace as a whole.

Where does the class meet and at what time?

Each campus has its own meeting location, time, and start date. See above for more information.

Will there be homework or quizzes?

There are no quizzes and no homework for this class.

Is this a vetting process for future leaders?

Yes, but it’s also an equipping process for future and current leaders.

What if I've done SLD already?

As stated earlier this is a completely different class from SLD. Even if you’ve attended SLD our desire is that all leaders serving at Grace will at some point attend Leadership Pathway 101.