Meet in Person to Experience Service Together

Watch Party+

Meet in person to experience services together

Decide on a time

Decide what service time you want your Watch Party+ to happen at. We have services at 8:30, 10, & 11:30 AM every Sunday. Choose the service that is best for you and those you want to join.

service times

Invite some friends

Talk to family, friends, neighbors, & coworkers. You can download graphics on this page to send out invites. Make sure to follow local guidelines for all gatherings.

Download Graphics

Have a great time!

Welcome people, get some snacks ready, and make sure you have all the tech figured out before your watch party starts. Get TV instructions below.

TV Instructions

Tips & Recommendations

Think through your viewing experience.

Make sure to have enough seating. Test your audio volume to make sure everyone will be able to hear. Make sure to follow all meeting guidelines by your local government. Click HERE for NY state guidelines.

Keep it casual.

This is a party! Look to host a nice, relaxed time experiencing the joy of worship and the truth of God's Word and being together.

Tell us about your party.

Click HERE to scroll down and fill out a quick form to tell us about your watch party. We want to celebrate with you!

Make sure everything is ready ahead of time.

Get things cleaned up, have some music playing, and be ready with some coffee to help people have a great time. Click HERE for a playlist.

Wishing you could go deeper?

Consider starting a small group and invite people from your watch party to join you. Remember, the watch party experience isn't a small group.

Prepare for Children

If your guests are bringing children, consider how to best engage them during your watch party. Click HERE, or scroll down for ideas from GraceKids.



Designate a space that is kid safe.

Go to to watch GraceKids weekend experience videos

If you're watching church online with kids make it interactive. EX: count how many times certain words are said.

Have simple toys available (Crayons, legos, blocks, etc)

Use the "Parent Guides" for simple games & activities from the GraceKids resource page

Provide fun music for kids. Check out the GraceKids playlist on Spotify.

Invite graphics

Download the Graphics below to Invite Others to Your Watch Party+

how did it go?

We would love to know how your watch party went. Fill out the form to let us know how many people were at your gathering and anything else important. We want to rejoice with you!