Erin and Jordan – How God Moves the Heart

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Ever prayed for God to move in your community? Erin believed that Fishkill, NY needed a Gospel preaching Jesus following church. She believed God had laid it on her heart for a reason. Hear how God answered that prayer as Grace launched a new location in Fishkill, NY Easter Sunday, April 21st.


Jordan: We started coming to grace uhh, I think it was New Year’s weekend last year [2018].

Erin: I grew up in a church in Duchess county. Um and I went there until probably partway through college. And there were just some things there that after going to college and sort of making my faith my own as an adult. Versus like my parents as a kid. That I realized I just didn’t agree with some of the things that happened in that church. So I sort of made the decision that I’m not going to be um, a part of that anymore. And I began searching for where God really wanted me.

And I realized pretty quickly that that area of the Hudson Valley is just like starving for a good like, Gospel-centric church. And God just began putting it on my heart, that like, there should be a church in Fishkill. And specifically, like at the intersection of 84 and route 9. I began praying for that and I just sort of like held that as like my quiet thing in my heart that I didn’t really want anyone to ruin and so I didn’t share it very much. Like there were a few people that knew but I just sort of prayed for it for about five years before coming to grace and they announced it.

I’m pretty sure when Jarrod when he said we are going to be opening a location in Fishkill I just like, burst into tears. I thought for a while that maybe it was fake or that I had, it was like, a desire of my heart but it wasn’t necessarily God’s desire and so it was just very like, confirming to me that like it was from God and it was of God. And that reignited my faith that had like it was sort of waning for a while.

Jordan: You know sometimes you have a dream and you think that it’s from God but you don’t know exactly like what the timeline is. You know is this next week or is this 20 years from now. And then during the LET’S GO movement as soon as they announced that we were doing another location, before they even said the location, just knew, like, it’s going to be Fishkill. Like this is going to be that healing thing that confirms Erin’s desire.

Jarrod kept talking about this huge number reaching 151,000 people in the Northeast. Um, and that’s a number that me in my humanness I’m so skeptical of. And that’s why It came across as so authentic because I think, no person in their right mind would suggest something that audacious. Which makes me think that it’s God suggesting something that audacious because I think God tends to, you know, He swings for the fences every single time. He always does the thing that we just think He can’t do.

Erin: When you come to church you, a lot of the time, you feel like you have to put on this happy face and almost like, change who you are a little bit when you walk in. And I think you know, you just wanna seem like you’re the best self. But I think that church is a place where it’s ok, to be your real self. And to take that mask off a little bit. Um, and just allow the Lord to see you for who you really are and to see the heart that you have and also just allow the people around you to see that.

Jordan: I just count myself so blessed that God has to lead us here. Like, I’m someone, who always, likes try to be in control and put on the breaks and I don’t want to do anything I don’t want to do. And the fact that God is like, in our moment of distress not knowing what to do about church, gently led us here, and gently led us into Fishkill and gently gave us opportunities to serve. And Grace has just been a place where He’s been enabling that.

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