Registration Help


Walkthrough Video

To get a thorough overview of the entire registration process, watch the video on this page. It will walk you through how to register for Managed Services as well as any GraceKids services you want to register your children for.

If you have any other questions feel free to email us at

Begin the Registration Process

Start your registration by clicking the "Register Now" button. This button will become active starting Wednesday at 12:00 PM each week. If you're on the registration page before then, you'll see that registration is not yet open.

You'll need to register for any Managed Services, and GraceKids services. Once you click "Register Now," you'll be taken to your location's registration options. You'll see the options you have to register for, Managed Services (that may include GraceKids), and any GraceKids services.
Gracekids registration for washingtonville.
video of login process for gracekids


To start registration, click the "Log in" button. You'll now enter your phone number or email and be given a code to log in to your account. If you use your phone number, the code will be texted to you. If you choose email, it will come in your email. Enter the code and click "Next."

You may need to select your profile from a list if you have multiple members of your family in our system. Once you've selected your profile, you'll be taken back to the registration page.

Now click the "Register" button.
video of login process for gracekids

Register & Select Options

Now that you are logged in click the "Register" button.

You'll see all of the sections that you can register for. If this is a Managed Services and a GraceKids service, you'll see the Worship Center along with all the available GraceKids classes. If it is just a Managed Service you will only see the Worship Center. If it is just a GraceKids registration you will only see the GraceKids classes offered at that time.

Select the number of seats you want in each section and look over your selection before clicking "Complete registration."

You'll notice below each selection the amount remaining. You'll also notice you no longer need to select what seat you'll sit in. Ushers will seat you when you arrive. You only need to select the correct number in each section.

Image of register button for gracekids
video of registration process form.

Signing up if you don't have an account

If you don't already have an account with us, you can still register for seats for any services. You'll need to signup at the time of registration.

Once you click "Register," you'll select the selections you want from the available options. Below you'll notice a small signup form.

Fill in your First name, Last name, and Email address. Then click "Complete registration." You'll now see the final registration page with your selections.
video of registration process form.

Registration Email

Now that you've successfully registered, you'll receive an email from us confirming your registration.

It will include the name of the service you have registered for. For example, "Washingtonville 8:30 Managed Service & GraceKids Registration."

It will show you exactly how many seats you've registered for and in what rooms.

Finally, at the bottom of the email, you'll see a "cancel online" link. Click this link if your plans change. This will allow your seats to go back into the pool so that others can register for those spots.
Thanks for signing up for Washingtonville 8:30 managed service & GraceKids Registration.