Binge Mode Ep 3 with Michelle Collins

Binge Mode ep 3: Current Series Anxious for nothing with Michelle collins


This week on Binge Mode we talk about Week 3 of Pastor Jarrod’s series Anxious for Nothing. With Guest Michelle Collins our Grace Kids Jr, Director at our Washingtonville location we talk through God’s sovereignty in storms, as well as the “waiting room” that God often puts us in.


Well welcome to binge mode everybody this is a special podcast where we dive deep into past messages from Grace Community Church will be talking with guests exploring spiritual living and talk about what it looks like to live out our faith in real practical ways. Now we aren’t gonna try to preach these great messages again instead we’re going to deep dive into the truths that are found there so welcome to binge mode. my name is Jake I get to be the lead pastor of the Port Jervis location and I get to be your host here today and I’m so glad that you are joining us from binge mode. here today if you haven’t listened to this week’s throwback Thursday message from Thursday night you don’t have to have heard it to follow us along today we’re just glad that you’re listening in yeah you may be listening to this twenty years into the future who knows but if you are listening to this live you can go to and experience throwback Thursday right along with us where we’ve got chat there live chat you can talk to other people listen to the sermon react to it. Sometimes Jake and I even show up there we were there this week which was interesting you’re welcome now we’re going through the series anxious for nothing as a five-week series with Pastor Jarrod, and he did this back in January of 2018 so for the next five weeks we’re gonna be deep-diving into Philippians 4 where Paul says do not be anxious about anything we’ll be talking about how that is even possible and how we can have the peace of God which surpasses all understanding and we’re actually a week 3 so we only got two weeks left series

That’s right yeah it’s been such an incredible series so this week on the show we’ve got Michelle Collins the grace kids junior director at our Washingtonville campus and she has an even more important title she’s also my wife and she’s amazing so you guys are in for a treat. Hi everybody hey Michelle hey thanks for joining us this is for anybody listening just so you know other than maybe one time before this this is Michelle and my first time really having a conversation so I’m sure it’s gonna be interesting when we’re good getting like real deep to the heart level stuff in our first time talking it’s probably good that we’re like not in the same room for this that’s a good point too it’ll make it real easy for me my wife’s name is also Michelle for anybody listening so that’s at least easy you have I love your name great good choice Tyler you named her well I did okay I’m sure it was because my name yeah yeah but we’re really glad that you’re coming on to the podcast with us and I am too because we do need to talk we do need to get to know I look I love your husband and I love getting to hang with him so and get to do this podcast with him so walking through kind of the anxious for nothing series what we’re going through right now it’s so timely and this particular message this week is one of – a two-part message so it’s broken up so you got to come back next week you got to listen in to this coming throwback Thursday yet to get the full experience of all this but this week’s message is called you’ll get through it and we start off with Paul being on a journey himself and he’s on an actual ship that is going through a actual storm so just for ourselves that we should ask ourselves what is the storm are we in the storm season Tyler and Michelle are you guys in a storm season right now what does that look like for you.

So yeah I mean I think all of us are kind of going through a storm right now maybe to differing degrees like obviously we’re recording this during the Cova tonight teen pandemic it’s just going on right now and so whether you are maybe even infected with it right now or maybe you’re you know in the hospital or just like us like your kids are just at home I’m sure Michelle would like have some stuff to say about that but so I think the interesting thing about this message at this time is that like pretty much all of us are going through a storm yeah but what I loved about what pastor Jarrod said just even in his intro is like you know if you are in a storm you are going to get through it hmm and I kind of felt myself just being like okay yeah like there’s still hope that I am going to get through this storm and sometimes we don’t maybe think that way in the midst of the storm it’s hard to see that but it is the truth of you know as a Christian it is the truth that we are going to get through it though we do have a God who is in control so I thought that was such a great like just reminder right off the bat and that’s there’s a lot of great stuff in this one but just hey you’re you’re gonna get through it which is the whole theme of this message in and the next message as well

Man you said something in there that already is kind of stirring up my mind and that we’re all in the mix of this storm that everybody’s experiencing this something that we nobody at least in this lifetime has really experienced before but just that encouragement you said that you already said it but just that just being told that you’re gonna get through this was an encouragement to me somehow that lifted my head out of everything yeah I mean I totally agree I think that for the most part it’s so easy to get kind of bogged down in everything that’s happening and you know if you’re watching the news if you’re on social media even if like for me I even have to watch my conversations with my mom like I because it’s so easy to just get like wrapped up in the negative but what I really loved as a bottom line throughout this whole sermon was this is this is not the end the you know there is still hope there is still that light of the at the end of the tunnel and more than anything I think it’s those bottom line things that kind of end up getting us through this it’s those those lines that you can keep meditating on those just singular points that mean a lot that kind of get you through all the other chaos or confusion that may be happening.

Yeah it’s kind of like a fight fire with fire kind of idea the I get all these ideas in my head whether it’s conversations that I have with you you say the conversations with your your mom there’s some family members that the same thing happens I have to very careful about whatever link that they’re sending me clicking on that news article absolutely so I totally feel you than that but it just kind of it’s almost like fight fire with fire as in I’m going to these promises of the Lord I’m going to what he says about this situation not necessarily what all the circumstances around me are saying and even the way that Pastor Jarrod kicks off everything is he saying we aren’t promised that there won’t be a storm but we are promised Jesus’s presence and even in that Philippians four passages that there’s just four words in that long Philippians four passages the Lord is near and then he goes on to the do not be anxious about anything then he really gets into it you’ll get through it so that I wasn’t even sure as I was listening I was like why does just that phrase you’ll get through this that Pastor Jarrod said two years ago why does that encourage my heart right now there’s no how behind it presence you’ll get through this sometimes you almost just need that outside perspective of somebody saying like hey uh you will get through this I don’t know do you know what I mean like somebody just to come alongside you who is not on the situation at that moment and just say like man things are gonna be okay you know?

Because when you are I think maybe it’s when it’s your storm it’s very easy to get bogged down in it and to like that is your only focus and so you just almost need that person from outside to be like it’s gonna be okay you you know you’re gonna make it through this that kind of thing so I have thinking through the sermon you know pastor Jarrod gets into the for anchors sort of using as bad as an illustration but I think is such a cool way to think about this but the four hunkers that we need as we’re going through the storm and the first anchor he talks about is the anchor of conviction but specifically the conviction that God is sovereign which means that God is in control and as I was thinking about that I thought about one of my favorite verses in all scripture which is actually Daniel 4:35 and it’s my favorite for a but a couple of reasons I’m gonna say it right here for a second you’ll see maybe why it’s one of my favorites but the verse says all of the inhabitants of the earth are accounted nothing and he does according to his will among the hosts of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth and none can stay his hand or say to him what have you done?

It’s my favorite number one because the person who says it is actually a king who had really didn’t want to have anything to do with God so that’s just incredible to think about the 180 degrees turn to that King had to do to come full back around and say something like that and number two I just love that question at the end like nobody can stop his hand and say what have you done and if anything could encapsulate what sovereignty is like that is probably it so you know as we’re thinking about what does it mean that God’s in control of these storms these situations of life like that is such a great way to think about it so if you’re looking for a versatile memorise but during this time that might be a good one well and even beyond God is in control I like I had someone say to me a few years ago like yeah God is in control but also remember God is good he’s not just throwing his power around just for the sake of throwing power around he’s he is still good and even beyond that he is good to me personally and I think it’s so easy to kind of say those things like Oh God is good like in this general God loves everybody kind of sense but whatever is happening right now is good for me and it’s good because I can know that it’s good because God is good and I think more than just the just recognizing the fact that God is in control it helps me to take it to that personal level of God’s in control of my life God’s in control of my five-year-olds life and and he has a he has a plan for me that I can trust is good even when I can’t.

There’s so many other things around me that I can’t trust necessarily yea and talking about that like you know there was this great part in the sermon or the message where pastor Jarrod sort of talks about his own past and some of the like inflection points of God being in control God being good where he like looks back and sees those points and that was one of them powerful points just to hear somebody else’s experience so Michelle would you mind I don’t know if you like I’m kind of putting you on the spot a little bit but share a couple of those points maybe from your own life in the past where maybe there were storms or just things that you went through in your life but then like now looking back on it you can see you know that was God that was in control that was you know doing those things for a reason I think that’d be an awesome thing to hear sure I mean the first one that comes to mind and I think everyone can kind of relate to it is a bad breakup you know I was dating this guy before I knew Tyler and it’s not like it was a bad relationship even it was you know it was fine it was okay and then like the breakup just was worse than anything else I’ve ever gone through really

And I don’t even think it was intentional on the guys part it was just where I was at spiritually where I was at emotionally it just like I came as close to depression as I’ve ever been maybe maybe I was there even I’m not totally sure but it was one of those things where it’s just like God I feel like you’ve just kind of ripped apart my dreams and I’m just watching them like confetti around me just you know falling around me and I don’t even know really where to go from here or what how to think about this and um I mean less than a year later Here I am dating this guy that I’m like married to you know and it’s so easy to look back now and be like like that that whole thing made me rethink the direction my life was heading it made me rethink how I was how I was doing my spiritual life how I viewed myself as a person like all those things came out of that one situation and then on top of that also meeting the father of my children and the love of my life and it’s it’s so hard when you’re in the middle of that to understand what God is trying to tell you but now I look back on that and I’m almost excited to tell my kids someday that story because it is just so evident to see the guidance of how that one thing just pushed me on a path that I I needed to be on.

Wow that’s so good there’s the sort of storm that you are in became the story that you can’t wait to tell your kids I’m assuming Tyler you must feel awesome right now cuz that was really show you said this thing earlier on the about how the conviction you hold on to the anchor rather of conviction is that that God is good yes he is sovereign but he’s also good and there’s this for me right now that just my mind like you said it God is good and he cares about me my family my five-year-old and just my mind went here is my so my Michelle my wife is a mechanical engineer and she’s still working right now she’s in the supply chain for medical and she is still working right now and yeah and so there’s just like a little bit in the back of my mind that’s nervous about that about her being exposed to where whoever it’s a they’re taking extra precautions at work to make sure everything’s wipe down sanitized and all of that but it doesn’t stop those thoughts from coming yeah absolutely and just you even just saying that just this conversation our very first conversation I’m reminded that God somehow loves Michelle even more than I do and cares for her in ways that I never could so I need to hold on to that anchor that that that’s something that needs to hold me well and he has more power to care for her than you.

That really is the bottom line you know like it doesn’t matter how much I love my kids at the end of the day my power is limited yeah but his is not ever yeah that was so good so you should come on the podcast more often or this podcast is for me today everybody if you didn’t know this so the the kind of just marching forward if you don’t mind I’m gonna march on to the next the next anchor that Pastor Jarrod brought up so the next one the first one was about conviction the second one is surrender and he gives this image of like what is your hit your knees moments and I actually really appreciate that because the just getting into a posture of prayer like getting on my knees it sort of preps my heart to be in a disposition towards him of surrender and he gives us this image of that we adapt to God do you guys remember this part of the message here yeah I do he was talking about I think it was a story he had read if I’m not mistaken about like Mariners people who you know sail on the sea often which I am NOT so I’m gonna probably sound really dumb when I talk about this but the idea of like if you’re if you’re good at you know beep sailing if you’re a great Mariner you aren’t trying to control the sea because the sea is uncontrollable.

That’s strong powerful which is such a great picture of God I love that illustration so much but the idea is you aren’t trying to control the storm you’re going with it and that’s that was the picture of surrender is instead of you know trying to control the storm that you’re in just bowing to it can letting letting God work his way and it actually it made me think of a time in my life when I was actually a pizza delivery guy and Michelle remembers this time pretty well because yes they are both going through a storm and eating a lot of pizza yeah so I had been a pastor for several years and got out of that because the church it was not a not a good situation and even and God was leading in even in that but so we were kind of in an in-between period which we’ll get into this later but talking about the waiting room I related to that as well but we’re you know finances were tight and so it’s kind of like I’ll take whatever job I can and that happened to be pizza delivery driver at Papa John’s but I remember during a lot of times during that period just like being in the back of the building like doing dishes sweeping being like god I know that you have more for me than this and honestly complaining do you know what I’m saying like God why um like don’t you know how good I am at this and like I feel like I have this purpose and I can do so much more and all you want me to do is like deliver pizzas and like sweep up this shop right now and I remember in the midst of that you know the financial storm the storm even maybe you could say of being added meaningless dead-end job so to speak of God just being like you know God you know Tyler like I felt like he was talking to me like Tyler you just need to kind of lean into this and be the best pizza delivery guy that you can be for me for my glory and that was so it was you know one of those baseball bats across the face that’s what I need.

And for my pizza delivery guy I love you and sometimes I’ll have to tell you some of my stories but but it was such a moment of and I thought of this too because it was really the same thing like that was a storm in my life and it was God God wasn’t even I don’t think telling me why he was putting me in that situation he was more just saying like in this situation serve me you know give me the glory humble yourself and I was kind of like ok that’s that surrender you know that’s what I need to do right now instead of trying to figure out why I’m here instead of complaining which is easy to do about the situation I’m in just leaning into it and and really like changing my perspective more towards you know God what are you trying to work on in me because I know that’s why this you know we have this anyway so I thought of that that story in my own life when when Pastor Jarrod shared that illustration it so something came to my mind and if you guys have any more thoughts that’s good but there’s something I wanted to ask you guys because there’s this thought in my mind of okay God is God is our Father and okay of course then I’m going to adapt to the way that he wants things done like the way that a child adapts to the way that the parent wants things done but this is something I wanted to ask you guys from a non parent.

I don’t have children let me ask you guys something and just how does this quotes hit you guys because I feel like God is preparing us a Tyler I’ve even just stored you just told I’ve seen you go through some storms and just as sure few years that I’ve known you and it sounds like even that story you just told prepared you for some of the things I’ve seen you go through now but how does this quote hit you and I can’t remember who said this so it says don’t prepare the child or scuse me don’t prepare the road for the child but prepare the child for the road how does that hit you as parents I mean that’s the ultimate goal really I mean everything you’re doing is to try and get them ready to to thrive in in the path that God has called them to and I think the only like anxiety that comes from that is you don’t always know what its gonna look like I mean at no point did my parents ever think we’re gonna prepare Michelle to handle a pandemic with her three kids at home you know but they did prepare me to trust God to you know think frugally to to be practical to these these kind of basic skills too you know like now all of a sudden some people are like oh man we can’t go out to eat as much as we did before well you know my mom taught me how to cook homemade food so it’s it’s those kind of things that sometimes you don’t even know how God is gonna use it in your child but you’re kind of just trusting that what he’s leading you to teach them or the situations that come up that you have to talk through with them are for their future good.

And I mean that’s that’s my prayer as a parent all the time is that I’m not just preparing them to like be successful in a worldly sense but I am preparing them to be successful in a in a spiritual and in a godly sense okay well I love that you’re you keep hitting on how you’re preparing them you’re preparing the child you’re you’re getting them ready because you know the road is gonna be whatever it is you have no way of knowing what it is or or even in the example of your parents like they had no way to prepare you for pandemic right yeah they gave you some tools that you would be able to use in that time and but there’s some parents I feel like or a parenting style I guess and I don’t even I can’t even think of anyone in particular where they try to protect their child from anything wrong and not experiencing the storm not experiencing things that they’ll experience on the road and getting them ready for that instead of getting them ready to understand what surrender feels like to your circumstances and understand that God uses that storm to shape us so it was just a thought I had as a non parent that I wanted to throw towards you guys so I appreciate that just hearing a little bit about into your world.

Being a parent is a lot I think about this a lot it’s it has helped me understand God in a lot of ways because we can’t understand the big picture like God can and we do get super focused on the small things that are just like right in front of our face and man if kids aren’t exactly like that you know balloon we always buy our kids like a birthday balloon for their birthday and as soon as that thing pops it’s like the end of the world and as a parent you know this is not a big deal like it was a dollar fifty cents you know nothing like but to them it’s like their whole world and and I always think about that a lot because that’s as the parent you know like what is important you can see the bigger picture you have a greater understanding that as that children yeah that’s one of ours in the background that they just can’t have and I think about that it like with God it’s the same way where God has the bigger picture that he he can’t even explain it to us cuz we’re so limited in our in our ability you know like I can’t think of how many times when my son has asked me a question and I just kind of have to be like uh you’ll understand when you’re older cuz you just can’t understand it right now.

So I often wonder in my own life like how often am I going through something where God just wants to be like you will never understand this that’s I guess that brings in why surrender is necessary and even in developing kind of moving on to the next piece here is it you have to develop trust between you and your kids and between you and the Lord as well like in that same relationship that was a great connection point to the way like you lead your kids in the way that God leads us and his eternal perspective over everything and that requires us to trust so the third anchor that Pastor Jarrod had brought to us was that we need to trust that we have to trust his timing is really the the way that Pastor Jarrod had talked about it and that Paul was in this storm for two and a half weeks that is a long time to be yeah frostings to be trusting him in the storm when we are hungry hanging on for our lives when we can’t see past this painful season well and you never know how long the storm is going to last I think that’s what makes it so tricky.

Like maybe if I had told Paul, hey this is only going to be two and a half weeks then you can think in your mind ok well I’m halfway through it or I’m 3/4 but when you’re in the storm you don’t know how long it’s going to last you know where this pandemic we’re going through right now we don’t we’re probably not even in the middle of it but the truth is we don’t know how long it’s going to be and that’s sometimes the hardest part of waiting and trusting in God is not knowing how long the storm will last you know if God kind of told me ahead of time it would be way easier but sometimes I think if we knew if we knew when it would end or whatever it would be so easy to just kind of like white-knuckle it like just get through it you know and and the not knowing is really where the trust has to be developed and that’s really where we have no choice but to trust that his plan is working for our good.

Whenever that happens and that’s exactly where that you’ll get through it phrase like it requires trust it is comforting even in this in this season right now it is comforting but it requires that trusted it doesn’t matter how long this is gonna be I’m trusting him that I’m gonna get through this that he’s gonna bring me through this it literally reminds me of I have this guy that I’ll go to the gym with and he’ll he’ll I’ll just ask like okay how much longer do we have to be running I don’t I don’t you just keep going you can do it just keep going and seeing that he’s doing it along with me it doesn’t matter how bad like my legs hurt I can keep going mostly because it’s a pride issue and I don’t want to be the first one but somehow it’s also encouraging in there too so there was this one thought but before I share mine did you guys have any thoughts on this section I was just thinking like how do you because when I first was listening through the message again I thought the analogy of the waiting room I think was such a good analogy.

But how do you just sit there and not just sit there cuz like Michelle was saying which I thought was such a great point it’s not just a white-knuckle like I’m gonna make myself trust God you know because you can only do that for so long before that fails really quickly but how so then how do you sit there and wait pregnant pause on purpose for God and I thought you know what it is is like how close am I in my relationship with God and honestly going back to my what I was talking about earlier with my kids the more that I have a close relationship with them the more that they know I love them the more that they trust me the easier it is for them to accept when I have to tell them hey this is just not something you are ready for or this isn’t something that you can understand yet.

That is a hard thing to hear but if they know that I love them if they have a close relationship with me you know if I’ve if I’ve done my you know worked hard to build that relationship is so much easier and I thought the same with God like it’s really a matter of how how much do I know God’s love for me how much have I experienced that in my life we’ll probably didn’t determine how easy or hard it is for me to wait how easy or hard it is for me to trust God in the storm yeah and so there’s this one Psalm that came to mind and it’s David like most of the Psalms he’s writing and it’s King David at this point in his life and he he says I can’t remember the all the in-between words but there’s just a few words to stick out to me so King David writes Psalm 25 I trust you command me or that could be translated I trust you right lead me I trust you yeah guide me an actual king for over all these people over this kingdom speaking like that that kind of brings it down to me.

Okay me I can do that for my household then I can say I trust you God command me or as if you’re a parent or if you’re somebody who is maybe your job maybe you’re a manager even maybe you oversee a team at work and it things are difficult right now or they aren’t right now they’re just you’re not sure how long you’re gonna be in this storm I trust you command me let’s start there let’s start there as a as a people and I think the thing I really love about this sermon with pastor Jarrod is how each anchor kind of connects to the next one and it they almost build on each other with like you have to have the conviction that God is sovereign in order for you to be able to surrender to Him and you can’t really surrender unless you’re trusting him you know like all those things these are also connected and I I see it more as building blocks then you know a step by step almost.

The storm definitely brings you down to your bedrock beliefs what is it that you actually believe about God it really gets you to question those things I love that and they do build on one another because they’re even even in this time right here just leading into our next point in the very first time that we were actually talking Michelle and in the time that I’ve known your husband he’s always spoken wisdom to my life but you what you shared with me already is something that I feel like a friend would share with me is to be encouraged because because God loves my wife even more than I do in his power to care for her in ways I can’t so two way Pastor Jarrod talks about is friends friends are another anchor to lean into and Tyler you had mentioned earlier how we are all going through this storm of a pandemic right now and we are not alone this is one of those interesting situations where a lot of the time you’re eight you can say well no one will understand no one will understand I’m going through it well right now at least on some level you’re not alone so Paul takes the time out of his trip to meet friends I loved I didn’t even I didn’t know that I guess I needed to read my Bible more.

But Paul takes time out of his trip to meet with friends who care about him to be encouraged so storm friends do you have them who are some of your store friends what do they do for you that that was a question I have how do you interact with your storm friends I am just so thrilled with the creativity that has had to cup happen because of all this and I think people are finding community in just really interesting ways like I have a friend who we try to have like FaceTime coffee once a week and we just put our kids in front of PBS or something like that and kick them out of our room and get in a comfy chair with a hot drink and FaceTime for an hour and it’s not exactly the same but it’s still feeding that need that we have to connect and vent and whatever else needs to happen in that conversation the other thing I’m really loving is people putting things up in their windows and I know as a church we’ve talked about doing the Rainbows but really all over the country people are doing hearts or teddy bears or whatever.

And that’s such we’re all in this together moment of I can just walk down my street and see okay everybody else is feeling this everybody else is trying to spread some hope everybody else is in this with me we are not alone and I think that’s an important part of community you know you’re not well and that’s the whole goal and if you’re looking for a community a quick plug here we do we I think we mentioned this every week but I think this is a perfect time to bring it up again but we did create a special Facebook group for church online and anybody can join its, and they’re you know you can share Scripture you can make friends sometimes we like just put up silly posts like what’s your favorite starburst but right now I think it’s a great a great great place and a great way to connect with other people from grace family and I know this is something that I struggle with.

I’m gonna relate a lot to this part of the message when Pastor Jarrod was talking about men is specifically how they should help we kind of struggle tend to struggle with this but but I was very convicted when because I am definitely one of those people that’s that my excuse is always like well nobody’s reaching out to me and pastor Jarrod was sort of like well why don’t you go be the person that’s reaching out and it oh yeah and you know what I was thinking too this is maybe this is random but I was like you know putting myself in someone else’s shoes I can’t imagine being upset if somebody like randomly called me and was like hey are you doing okay look I can’t imagine being upset by this said so I don’t know why I so often have this fear of doing that kind of thing or like maybe worrying about what somebody might think and I’ll even take it a step further like I have a best friend who lives like on the other side of the country and I know that I could call him anytime day or night and talk about anything but I don’t that often you know we only catch up two or three times a year.

And I kind of was like why is that the case do you know what I mean I’m not really sure why I think maybe it’s maybe just a tool that that Satan uses to push us apart I think he goes back to what you were saying Jake is we tend to like kind of believe this lie that we’re in it alone really yeah yeah well said I am for me one of the reasons I need those friends is first off I just need to know that that somebody else is human and that I can be human with another human and I don’t have to kind of justify my worth or justify my pain kind of coming what whatever it is I’m going through at the time but but often for me even just speaking to the guy moment there I just need another guy who will sit with me which is hard in this season but what will what is often my soul exactly but who will sit with me be silent and just hang on to the anchor of the Lord with me I don’t even need a lot of words like I said I’m a simple man I just needed the encouragement.

I’m in the encouragement of you’ll get through this just kind of let me be and just be with me just be with me in it um so yeah bringing back to those three points excuse me those four points that we’ve gone through or we move on Jake I do want to because we’re not always going to be in this pandemic, yeah and it even though we’re are in the midst of it and we’re talking about it I do want to talk about this and I’m Michelle I’d love for you to jump in like just how important it is outside of the pandemic anytime to have that kind of community in at grace like one of our goals is that community can happen around teams of volunteers and Michelle you being in your director role I’d love to hear how you’ve seen that be true and how you’ve seen encouragement maybe between volunteers for each other and all those kinds of things.

I mean really I again I feel like people are just stepping up and and being creative and social media is kind of everyone’s best friend at the moment especially the extroverts because you know even I was I was thinking I I normally get to see my volunteers on a Saturday night Sunday morning while I’m working the services but I’m really actually getting to know them more personally through their social media like media accounts really I mean I can see pictures of their kids and what they’re up to and all those kind of things and I can like all their posts and stuff like that and so I do feel like there’s value in this time just in connecting on social media and the other thing is just you can still be a generous person and a giving person in the middle of all this and just one example and I didn’t even realize how meaningful it would be but we have just tons of daffodils in our yard from wonderful previous owners and I was thinking the other day why don’t we just give some sunshine to some people these daffodils are so like fun and enjoyable let’s just pass it on so my kids and I put a few vases together yesterday and dropped him off at some people’s doorsteps that we knew.

And they all came back like this was so great thank you so much I can’t believe it you know and I I just think that’s so though it’s such a simple thing it’s and it’s and it’s still totally quarantine appropriate my kids really love like pushing the doorbell and running away might be teaching them negative habits but it’s really you know there’s still these things that we can do to show people that were that we see them that we care about them and that we can still go out of our way to encourage them and I think that’s the important thing I had no idea what a daffodil was I just looked it up that is a really pretty flower this is why we need to have more women yeah this is the difference I had some stuff prepared for this part about bears and fighting together but this is this much better I appreciate this much more so we’ll save the bear thing for next week but that’s so sweet that’s such a cool idea too and kind of doing that together as you’re bringing folks together you’re bringing your family together that you your your kids you’re teaching them that being as like this little mission that they’re on it gives them a story to tell and that’s exactly what we get to do being on teams when we get to be on teams at grace or through this even through this pandemic that’s really where a lot of the connection is happening it’s kind of bringing us together in a new way so that’s really cool.

I’m excited to see where Pastor Jarrod brings us next week with everything that he’s going to talk through so there’s more anchors a different kind of anchor that he’s gonna talk through next week but just a recap where are you at in are you in the smooth time right now or are you in the storm what is the anchor that you need to hold on or maybe even build on this week is it that sense of conviction that it’s God’s universe that he’s in control and you or not is it to surrender is it times that hit the knees to bow into the gale of his life as it rages around you is it trust do you need to trust God in the waiting room or is it friends appreciate your storm friends or even like Tyler said be the storm friend this week call somebody up to interrupt their I interrupt their quarantine with a call see how they’re doing so Michelle thank you so much for coming on this week this is this has been really great getting to know you.

Yeah I’ve loved it yeah thank you so much thanks so much for joining us this week on binge mode it really means a lot that you took the time Michelle thank you for joining us and helping us to deep dive into this message into these truths so we hope that something here for you listeners that’s something that we’ve discussed this week in some way encourages you and moves you closer to Jesus so there’s a couple of really important things we want to share with you here at the end of the at the end of the show so first of all is to let you know about Church online we were doing Church online every week and you can join us by going to grey so see comm slash online yeah we already talked about this but I feel like we need to bring it up again which is that that Facebook group right now community is so important and connecting with your storm friends right so you can request to join that Facebook group and then next week we’ll be covering week 4 of anxious for nothing just two weeks left what kind of sad but then after that we’ll be jumping into a whole new sermon series so that’ll be exciting and we’ll be going covering part two of you’ll get through it awesome looking forward to it so if you want to experience the sermon with us before listening to our show join us for throwback Thursdays with Church online at 7:00 p.m. you can watch the watch the sermon live chat with the Grace family and even get live prayer Tyler and I you might even see us there we were actually both there chatting this last week and it was awesome so thank you so much again for joining us this week thanks for listening in to binge mode.


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