Dear Grace Community Family and Friends,

On Monday night, January 6, hundreds of our volunteer church leaders gathered on the Washingtonville campus for an all-church leadership gathering. That night, from the microphone, I told our leaders that I sensed in my heart that God was about to do something miraculous at Grace Community this year. Something unprecedented in our midst.

Less than 48 hours later, we found ourselves in front of an unexpected opportunity. A door was opening to gather in worship in an extraordinary location. We immediately called a meeting of our Grace elder team, because a dream was coming true: An open door to meet in worship near the West Point community!

Since the early 1980s, cadets, staff, and faculty from West Point have been coming to Jesus Christ at Grace Community Church. For nearly 40 years now, a steady flow of world changers and world influencers have been impacted by the power of the Gospel at our campuses. And specifically, for 10 years now, many who serve at West Point have been asking Grace to come. The requests have come to us by the hundreds: “We’re praying Grace will come to us.” “If Grace were closer to West Point, my unsaved friends would come hear the Gospel.” “Would Grace please consider coming near West Point—to launch a campus in Highland Falls?”

Yet we’ve never had a path to come. That all changed this past month.

The “dream door” has been opened. Just within view of Highland Falls, we now have space to meet together in worship—right inside the Thayer Hotel! Grace Community Church, the 40-year-old dream is now before us to become a reality! A door that only God Himself could open.

Our elders have met. Prayed. Discussed this at length. And unanimously we have concluded, “This is a divine opportunity. God is calling us to walk through this door.”

I’m beyond overjoyed to tell you, Grace Highland Falls will begin meeting for worship on April 5, 2020, in the Thayer Hotel, right in the heart of the Hudson Highlands!

This decision is a “hold hands and 3-2-1 Jump” leap of faith. Truth be told, this is completely out of our budget. We have no dollars planned for this. We have very few volunteers available for this. And even fewer leaders.

Yet we are 100% confident that God is calling us to step into these waters.

I am calling our entire church into action, to help make this dream a reality. I am calling us, Grace Family, to spend the month of February in special focused prayer and fasting for the launch of Grace Highland Falls. And I am calling us all to come together in a special moment of financial worship, to give lavishly and deeply to make this a reality.

When we launched “LET’S GO,” our intention was not to ask for a special offering during the initiative. Yet, the Holy Spirit doesn’t often line up with our intentions!

Grace Family, we have done this before. We all came together to launch the Newburgh campus in 2012. We all came together in a special offering to launch the Warwick campus in 2014.

Now it’s time again. The Lord stands before us, with an open door. I believe He is asking you, asking me, “Will you sacrifice once again? Will you walk through this door in faith?”

Grace, will you pray and fast with me? Will you give with me?

We have signed a contract in faith. We have set a date in faith: April 5th. Now I am coming to you in faith. After launching seven other campuses, we know that this will cost $900,000 over the next 18 months. We do not have that money.

But we have a church body that always rises to the occasion! Our campuses are filled with a people of faith.

Will you stand with me and walk through this open door together?

We are pleading with God for a financial miracle, to make serious headway toward this $900,000 need, through this special “LET’S GO Highland Falls” 2020 Offering. We’ll use 100% of donations of this offering to fund the Grace Highland Falls campus—our eighth location in the Hudson Valley. Some of the specific ways your giving will be used for this future site is the following:

  • Salary for the new campus staff
  • Meeting space cost at the new facility
  • Resources for ministry to all ages (tables, chairs, curriculum, etc.)
  • Initial outreach into Highland Falls, Fort Montgomery, West Point, and towns near the river.

We’re providing special giving envelopes at our services and with this letter. Please tape your envelope to the refrigerator, or mirror, or somewhere strategic where it can be seen, so that you’ll be reminded to pray about how God might lead you and your family to sacrificially give to this offering.

On February 29 & March 1, 2020, we will receive the special Grace Highland Falls offering during all of our weekend services, across campuses, in a time of celebration. We are encouraging everyone to come prepared to sacrificially give on that day in a unified celebration! More details will follow at our services throughout the next few weeks...

If you’re going to be out of town on the Feb 29-Mar 1 weekend, or if you’d like to go ahead and donate now, you can do that online. It’s safe, secure and simple to use. Go to the giving link and prayerfully enter the amount you want to give. On the other hand, if you plan on attending but prefer to give on-line because it is more convenient, feel free to do that as well. Then at services on the Feb 29-Mar 1 weekend, simply put an index card in the giving envelope that states what you gave online, still participating with us in the sacred giving moment.

Please take special note that this offering does not take the place of your normal tithes and/or “LET’S GO” commitment. Rather it is a sacrificial, one-time giving amount, outside of your tithes and “LET’S GO” commitment, that God is leading you to give to birth the dream near West Point.

Will you hold hands with us and 3-2-1 jump? Christie and I, with our normal tithes and other personal giving, will be joining you to dig deep and sacrificially give toward this wonderful offering at our Feb 29/March 1 weekend services.

God has given us, Grace Community Church, a great mission. He is moving powerfully in and through us to accomplish that mission already! You and I are simply joining Him where He has already revealed Himself as powerfully at work. Exciting times! What an honor to join Him in reaching Orange County and the Northeast for Christ! Let’s do this!

Let’s Go!


Pastor Jarrod