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Hortense Denny | Family Ministries Director

Easter, also known as Resurrection Sunday, commemorates the triumphant resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The tomb could not hold Him; death was defeated, and hope was restored!

As parents, you play a vital role in nurturing your children’s faith. Read the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial, and resurrection. Let’s remember to pray for one another during this season of growth, as parenting is a journey, and we’re all in it together. Contact us if you need resources, prayer, or someone to share the joys and challenges. We’re here for you!

Hortense Denny

Gracekids JR Preview

Flowers are in bloom! This spring, our Juniors will be reminded of God’s power to restore and shine a light in the world through His children.



Something special happens in a person when they choose to follow Jesus and do what he teaches--a little light begins to shine! It’s the light of Jesus shining through them for the world to see.


God shows us daily how much He loves us through His Word in the Bible. He is there for us at all times and hears our prayers! It’s a joy to live for God in all we say and do.



June - Start the Party!

Summer is ahead! As we get excited for the warm weather, remember that God is the source of our joy! When we have a relationship with Jesus, we can depend on Him, His promises, and His blessings for our joy.

Gracekids Preview

This spring, GraceKids will go deeper into the truth of God’s sovereignty. He is in control, and He knows our life story. God is patient with His chosen, and faithful in His promises!


April - Patience

As we spring into warmer weather, GraceKids will learn about God and His patience. Learning to wait is hard but when we learn to "wait well," we reflect God’s patience to those around us.

May - Commitment

Let’s plan, practice, and grow in our faith in Jesus together! God makes plans and follows through with them—including the plan to send Jesus to rescue us!

June - Start the Party!

Get ready for summer! Join us as we celebrate the good news! We can have a relationship with God through Jesus. God’s Spirit can help us find joy no matter what is happening around us.

Upcoming Events

April 7

Has your child placed their faith in Jesus? Then, you can sign your child up for the next Grace-wide baptism event, an epic adventure in faith! Baptism shows others that you have been made new and is a public celebration of your decision to follow Christ. A GraceKids Director will be in contact with you to prepare for the big day!


GraceKids from preschool to preteen will create Agape art, an artistic expression of God’s love for us and, of our love for God. GraceKids are mission-minded in May!

June 23

As we celebrate this significant milestone, each of our fifth graders will receive special gifts that symbolize their growth and commitment – A Level Up t-shirt for the special day and a devotional book to help guide them in their faith journey. As your kids continue their journey and step into Collective Youth, they are not alone! We stand with them through this transition.

gracekids faith journey

what is a christian?


Our elementary GraceKids are invited to take their first steps in our GraceKids Faith Journey! If you have children in 1st-5th grade, sign up to receive the FREE workbook “What is a Christian?” This wonderful workbook walks through what it means to be a Christian, including lessons on the trinity, communion, and baptism.

Have you completed “What is Christian?” Amazing! Be sure to register for "MADE NEW" a new event to lead you in your next steps.


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