This Sunday, February 21st, Grace Community Church will begin reopening GraceKids ministries during one service at five of our locations.

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How will it work?

One Service

Each of our five open locations will begin reopening by starting with a single service each weekend. It is our goal to continue to open more options and seats each month.

Safety Measures

Your family's health and safety are our first priority. To that end, we've created special  procedures for all GraceKids services. 

Easy Reservation

To make reserving seats easy, we've added GraceKids online reservations to the same system as in-person services. You will register both yourself and your child at the same time using the same system.

Register your child

All registrations for GraceKids will happen online using the same registration system that adults use now for in-person attendance. Basically, now you will see GraceKids seating options as well a adult seats in the worship center. Once you arrive at Grace for service, you will check your child(ren) in at the GraceKids Info Desk/kiosk as usual. Registration will open Wednesdays at 12pm.

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