Of Politics And Presidents: A Letter To My Church

By July 24, 2018letters

Below is an excerpt from Pastor Jarrod’s latest post on his personal blog. It is a letter directly to you, the church body. Below is the introduction.


Dear Grace Community Family,

Forgive this “letter” being posted publicly on my blog. I figured it would get shared publicly anyway. Moreover, I thought the letter might serve well the readers and future readers of my blog to see a Christian, and pastor, wrestling through the issues and struggling how to best love and lead his church through them.

Likewise, please forgive any redundancy in my remarks. I’m doing all I can to be as clear as possible.

As your senior pastor, I’ve been in deep turmoil over the events we’ve been witnessing in our country for months. I’ve been anxious and conflicted about what to do—personally and as a pastor.

I’ve prayed, pleading with God about what He’d have me say and do, and even what Grace Community Church (GCC) should say and do in light of what we’re witnessing.

I’ve been pressured to speak out on events that have unfolded—from racism and the #MeToo movement to gun control and immigration, to name a few.

Pressure aside, as your pastor I’ve struggled profoundly regarding my obligation before God and to you/GCC. I’ve wrestled chiefly with these two questions: Is it my duty and responsibility to offer direction and leadership to GCC regarding the current political climate and any injustices? Or, is it my duty and responsibility to remain silent, focus solely on preaching the gospel, and let our/GCC’s generosity and charity do the talking?

Many a sleepless night over those questions. Much counsel around these questions with our elder team, other pastors, and friends. In the end, it comes down to what I believe God would have me do.

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