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Lessons from Home

We'll be missing your kids during the weeks you are at home. But we wanted to share these resources with your family so you can engage with your child's lessons even while you are at home.

Summer Resources

Weekend Experience

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God Time Cards

GraceKids Summer

Summer Family
Bingo Challenge

See how many activities your family can check off before the end of the summer!
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Foundations Book study for parents

Foundations is a book made for equipping families to walk together through 12 biblical truths that will bring your family closer to God. Each week we will discuss one truth as a group and have time for prayer as a community.
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Gracekids live

Sundays, @11:30 AM
GraceKids Live is a 30-minute virtual meeting for kids in K-5th grade. We’ll have a game time, bible story/memory verse time, and prayer. Starts July 19th.
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Parent Resources


Parenting (and Teaching) a Special Needs Child During COVID-19

Just like that we were no longer “just” parents of a child with special needs.

We were also teachers of a child with special needs.

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Helping Children Overcome Anxiety: Sissy Goff, M. Ed., LPC-MHSP

In this week's episode, we had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with Sissy Goff. With over 27 years of professional experience walking alongside children and adolescents, she provides us with encouraging steps on how to raise young men and women in today's society that is constantly being overstimulated. 

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8 Keys to a Fruitful At-Home Schooling Day

Ruth and Troy discuss practical tips for parents who’ve found themselves schooling at home.
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Summer Rhythms

My first summer as a new mom didn’t really feel like summer. I had been staying home nearly a year and so, as I watched moms with older kids reframe their schedules and lament the loss of alone time that school provided, our routine stayed the same. Some things did change. After attending MOPS for that entire school year, I started getting invitations for playdates. A group of moms met for weekly hikes at trails around town and I started experiencing a new world of exploration.

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Play is Essential for Parents, Too

There’s been one thing that has become clear to me through having kids that is missing in my life (and the life of many other people I know). Sound sleep, money in the bank, and a leisure day at the pool are all missing from my life as a parent, but I’m not talking about those things.

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Foundations: 12 Biblical Truths to Shape a Family

Foundations will help you direct your family one day at a time as you explore 12 key truths that will help connect your children’s hearts—and yours—to the heart of God. With a simple, chapter-a-day format that includes Scripture, devotional thoughts, meditations, and discussion questions, this book will guide you in leading your family.” – THE SIMONS FAMILY 

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Parent Cue App

Helps you do something each week to move your child closer to Jesus
Since your time with your kids is limited, consider counting down the weeks.
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