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We'll be missing your kids during the weeks you are at home. But we wanted to share these resources with your family so you can engage with your child's lessons even while you are at home.

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Parenting (and Teaching) a Special Needs Child During COVID-19

Just like that we were no longer “just” parents of a child with special needs.

We were also teachers of a child with special needs.

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Helping Children Overcome Anxiety: Sissy Goff, M. Ed., LPC-MHSP

In this week's episode, we had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with Sissy Goff. With over 27 years of professional experience walking alongside children and adolescents, she provides us with encouraging steps on how to raise young men and women in today's society that is constantly being overstimulated. 

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8 Keys to a Fruitful At-Home Schooling Day

Ruth and Troy discuss practical tips for parents who’ve found themselves schooling at home.
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How to Argue Well in Your Family - Parent Cue

Conflict is inevitable. And in case any of us doubted it, being sheltered in place due to COVID-19 clarified it. Living under the same roof as other people can be challenging. Every day we are faced with opposing ideas and opinions. Thoughts we disagree with. Perspectives we think are wrong. Attitudes that rub us the wrong way.

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PCL 49: How To Pass On Big Faith To Our Kids

Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA, joins us on today’s episode of the Parent Cue Live Podcast to talk about how parents can share a big faith in a big God with their kids.

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Mothering in a Pandemic

In all of the books that we might have read about mothering, in all of the conversations that we’ve had with moms and grandmothers who have gone before us, we couldn’t have imagined that we’d be mothering during a pandemic. And yet, here we are. Our daily lives are being shaped by the realities of a virus that has spread its influence across the globe. There are new challenges, new struggles, and unexpected trials for many of us right now. And yet, thankfully, God is not surprised by where we are. He is still in control, and our lives belong to him.
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