Ministry Box

An in-home resource to help kids connect with the church and their faith. It's an interactive way to make discipling your children fun and simple.

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What's in the Box?

The Challenge Card

The Challenge Card is how you track your progress through the month. It's perfect for hanging on the refrigerator. Essentially, the challenge card visually represents the THREE things to be done each week and the THREE things to be done each month.

A Lesson Pack

If we were meeting in person,  we would typically do 2-3 activities after large group. We're putting those activities (one per week) in this pack. Just read the lesson activity and do what it says. Most supplies are included in the activity pack.  Since these are just instructions, we've only included one per box.

An Activity Pack

Just about every lesson requires supplies. Those supplies are included in the activity pack. Be careful though, we've included all the supplies for the month in this one pack, so only use what you need for the week you are on. This way you will have what you need in the coming weeks.

Get november Free

All GraceKids families get the November box free. Each box is handcrafted just for your family and your children. If you are "on the list" so to speak, you'll get a special email from us telling you that we've got a box ready for you.

Pick up the November box at your campus on October 25th or November 1st.

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If you're excited about the GraceKids Ministry box we've got some incredible news for you. You can get the December and January box for free too! Just click the button below and sign up. You can choose to pick up your box from the church or choose to have it shipped to your house.

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