LET’S GO, Highland Falls, Launch

LET’S GO, Highland Falls, Launch
Date: February 10, 2020 Author: Tyler Collins Channel: LET'S GO Category: Blog Posts

Grace Highland Falls is Coming!

It’s always been a dream here at Grace to have a campus near West Point. For years hundreds of faculty, staff, & cadets have attended Grace and it’s always been our desire to have an even greater impact. 

Just a week ago, that dream became a reality. With very little notice, God opened the door for us, and Pastor Jarrod, along with the Elder Team, made the decision to walk through in faith. To get the full story and hear the heart of our Pastor, read Pastor Jarrod’s letter below or watch the sermon from this weekend. He describes the dream and how God opened this door for our church to launch campus number 8.

Watch Pastor Jarrod’s full sermon below.

This is an opportunity that we don’t have dollars set aside to accomplish. Because of that, Pastor Jarrod is calling the entire church into action to help make this dream a reality. 

He is calling the entire church to spend the month of February in special focused prayer and fasting for the launch of Grace Highland Falls. And he is calling us all to come together in a special moment of financial worship (Feb 29th-Mar 1st), to give lavishly and deeply.

You can give now online by clicking the button below.

Or to join with the church in prayer and fasting, you can follow along with the Seven Day Prayer Guide.

Grace Highland Falls launches April 5th. Now the challenge is before us to give big to raise $900,000 over the next 18 months.

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