LET’S GO, Highland Falls, Launch

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  1. I cannot really describe how excited I am about this new location opening up as my family lives on West Point. We just arrived here in July and have had a hard time connecting to a community. We were drawn to Grace the very first weekend we came to New York, but wanted to make sure we were in the right spot. We tried a couple of different places, but kept coming back to Grace. Our biggest concern has always been the safety of our family having to travel over the mountain to get to the Newberg location which we have grown to love. We are so excited for the opportunity to be more involved and have a place to call home and KNOW that now the weather wont even stop us from being able to worship God. Even more awesome that you all are being here in a location where the cadets are in walking distance to receive the Word. They need it… there are so many broken and hurting kids that need to be embraced. They need this outlet. Thank you again!

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