Why Should I be Baptized?

Baptism is a public declaration that Jesus is your Lord and Savior. Being baptized doesn’t save you or make you right with God, it is simply a public demonstration of what Jesus has already done for you. In the same way that a wedding is a public declaration of love and commitment to someone, baptism is you declaring your belonging to Jesus and submitting to whatever He wants you to do. Most importantly, if you have chosen to follow Jesus, He has commanded that you be baptized as a step of obedience:

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 28:19


What Will Take place?

There will be time for you to change into different clothes if that is your preference. Once ready, each person being baptized comes one by one into a tank of warm water (like a jacuzzi) along with a pastor and leader from their location. The pastor will ask, “Have you placed your faith in Jesus as your savior?” Once you say yes (because baptism is only for those who are already followers of Jesus), they will help you prepare by covering your nose and mouth. They will then gently guide you backward into the water until you are fully submerged and then quickly bring you back up. The whole process takes just a few seconds.

does being baptized get me into heaven?

Placing your faith in Jesus as your Lord and Savior is the only way to heaven. Baptism is simply a public declaration that you are trusting in Jesus and what He did on the cross to save you and committing to follow Him for the rest of your life.

does being baptized mean I'm joining the church?

No. Baptism is not about joining a church or signing up for something. It’s between you and Jesus.

what if I'm not ready to be baptized?

Baptism isn't a matter of being ready or not. It's simply a matter of obedience. If you have chosen to follow Jesus, baptism is your next step.

What if I was Baptized as an infant?

Since being baptized is about publicly declaring that you are choosing to follow Jesus, it doesn’t make sense to baptize someone too young to make such a commitment. Infant baptism is often a meaningful moment for the parents but doesn’t have much spiritual impact for the child. Following Jesus is a decision each person must make on their own and so too is baptism something each person must decide on (it can’t be decided for you by your parents). 

What if my child asks to be baptized?

We prefer not to baptize children before the age of 8. That age was thoughtfully determined as we considered a child’s cognitive ability to understand and express the understanding of God, who Jesus is, and what He did for us through His death and resurrection. If your child has expressed that they have placed their faith in Jesus and would like to be baptized and you are comfortable that they understand the decision they are making, please contact the GraceKids Director at your location. They will work with you on taking the next step. You may also email your campus directly with questions.