WWK Announcements 3.29.20

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Grace Warwick

Although Grace cannot meet at our campuses, we are still worshiping together as a church. We hope you’re joining us at GraceOC.com every Sunday morning at 8:30am, 10am, or 11:30am. Full, live services have been brought directly into your homes so we can continue to spend this time together as a church.


Since there is so much more to Grace than Sunday mornings, be sure to head to the Facebook group, GraceOC Online Church, where you’ll find daily opportunities to connect with additional programming, messages, worship, and studies.  We are working hard to keep your days full and hearts focused on the Lord.


For those of you who love to serve, we have another place for you to check out. Head to the Facebook group GraceOC Give Help/Get Help. If you have skills or help to offer someone (either virtual or other), or if you have a need that someone can help with, post it in the group! So many people have been connecting to love each other.


We ask that we all continue to pray. Pray each day for those on the front lines—medical personnel and emergency workers continue to care for those in need. Pray for those infected and their families. May they recover quickly, without complication, and be back on their feet. Pray for everyone facing fears, worries and financial challenges. May we trust in the Lord, knowing He will provide a way through the darkness.  As we walk through the unknown, remember that He knew this was coming. He is with us in each moment, and He will see us through.

Group Specific Announcements
Gracekids Update

Even though GraceKids will not be meeting the next few weeks, we want to equip you to continue learning about forgiveness and following Jesus as we have been so far this March.
Please check out the “more information” box below for some great resources!

Collective Youth Update

CollectiveYouth will be doing an online service Sunday at 6pm. This service will be streamed live on their YouTube channel.

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