WWK Announcements 2-9-20

Top Announcements
Grace Highland Falls Launch

God has given us the opportunity to launch a campus in Highland Falls near the gates of West Point. Pastor Jarrod is calling the entire church into action to make this dream a reality. Join us in prayer and fasting, as well as a special moment of financial worship. Read Pastor Jarrod’s letter at www.graceoc.com/hlfletter


Attention West Point Families

Are you part of the West Point community? Sign up today for the Grace WP texting service! This is our communication loop for all officers, families and cadets. Simply text “gracewp” to 888111.

Campus Wide Announcements
Feb 19, 6:00 PM
Celebration Service

Join us for a Night of Celebration and Worship on Wednesday, February 19th at 6pm. 

Campus Blood Drive

The New York Blood Bank knows the Grace Community Church is generous, and we want to continue that trend as they continue to fight a shortage of blood. Help us reach the goal of 65 donations on Sunday, March 1st, 8am- 2pm.  Register below!

Group Specific Announcements
Attention Parents!

If your kids are in our GraceKids ministry please consider serving one or two weekends a month. Not only will your presence assist us in ministering to them, but greatly impact the way they view Jesus. You can be in the same class as your child or a totally different age group. Learn more by visiting our Volunteer Desk or e-mail our GraceKids Director at GraceKids.WWK@graceoc.com

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