WWK Announcements 10-5-20

Campus Wide Announcements
Join a team!

All that happens at Grace, happens because of willing volunteers like you! If you are ready to be back in person, we have a spot for you! Click here!  If you are NOT ready to be back in person, there is also a place for you to serve on our online host team! Just fill out the form here

Operation Christmas Child

As we enter the fall season, we are getting excited about the wonderful things that we can do to bring joy to others. It’s amazing how one shoebox can have such an impact on the life of a child, even half a world away. Grace Warwick will join again in the global effort to collect shoeboxes in support of Operation Christmas Child. If you would like to participate, please stop by the campus Monday’s or Wednesday’s between 9am-2:30pm to pick up a box. Below is a list of items recommended to purchase. All boxes should be returned by Sunday, Nov. 1st.

School supplies:








School scissors

Glue sticks

Construction colored paper

Pouches to hold supplies


Hygiene Supplies:

Wash cloths

MILD bar soap




Hair things like head bands, elastics, clips etc.






Small dolls

Small cars

Small balls

Not inflated soccer ball with hand air pump

Small stuffed animals

Baseball caps

Flashlight w/batteries


Please DO NOT include any liquids, food, candy, war-related toys, toothpaste, bubbles..etc.

Group Specific Announcements
High School Bible Study

Attention all high schoolers! Starting THIS Wednesday, October 7, Pastor Chris Arroyo will be hosting a weekly Bible study for our High School students at his home in Goshen from 6:30-8:00 pm. Bring your Bible and a friend!! Please email warwick@graceoc.com for the address.

Oct 7, 6:30PM
Collective Youth

In addition to the 8pm online Collective Youth (MS/HS) service, Grace Washingtonville continues to host weekly, socially distanced CY services at 5pm and 6:30pm. Registration is required to attend.

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