NBG Announcements 10-5-20

Top Announcements
Online Small Groups

If you are interested in attending an online small group, we have them! Please email/connect below for more information.

Campus Wide Announcements
House Church

Join in close knit community as you engage in worship and teaching. Experience powerful discussions on each week’s teaching as well as active prayer in your group each week.  If you are interested in hosting a house church or just want to be a part of one please email newburgh@graceoc.com for more information

Baby Dedication

Children are a gift from God and are precious to Him. Dedicating our children to the Lord is an important covenant we make before God.  If you are interested in knowing more please email newburgh@graceoc.com.

Group Specific Announcements
Grace Buddies

We envision that no child is overlooked, excluded, or uninformed of who Jesus Christ is. We serve all children and families who have unique and special needs.  If you are interested in connecting with a Grace Buddy for your child or you have general questions about the ministry we’d love to connect with you.  Click the link below for more information.

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