Dina Andren – A Child with Autism

Dina Andren’s son William, was diagnosed with Asperger’s and she talks about the struggles of dealing with her health issues and William’s special needs at the same time. Dina describes the Grace Buddies ministry which connects those with special needs …

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Jim & Joan Pagones – A Story of Salvation & Giving
May 21, 19

Jim & Joan were saved on the same day several years ago after wrestling with the Gospel of Jesus. After their turn to faith in Jesus, their lives …

A Story of Baptism
Apr 21, 19

Transcript: Growing up I was raised in a Christian household. My parents were married for about 25 years they had five children together. And started …

Erin and Jordan – How God Moves the Heart
Apr 14, 19

Ever prayed for God to move in your community? Erin believed that Fishkill, NY needed a Gospel preaching Jesus following church. She believed God had …

Tom and Phyillis Capiaghi Testimony
Feb 24, 19

Transcript: Tom: I’m Tom Capiaghi and this is my wife Phyllis. We’re um, we just celebrated our 43rd anniversary. Ah, we’ve been coming here since 200 …

Larry & Lisa Dauer Testimony
Jan 21, 19

Transcript: Lisa: We started at Grace in 2004. And we didn’t know it but we had been being prayed for five years previous to that. We had close family …

John Santiago Testimony
Jan 15, 19

Transcript: Well, my name is John Santiago. I started coming here [Grace Community Church] in November of 2010. And uh, when we first got here it was …

Nick Gianos Testimony
Nov 13, 13

Transcript So I was baptized and raised Greek Orthodox in a great family environment. And at the age of 11, a cousin of mine introduced me to born-aga …

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