Day 21 | Prayer for Grace Community Church

By January 27, 201921 Days of Prayer

Thank you, Jesus. We love you. We thank you that it is in your plan to build up the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-12). We trust you with our church. God, I pray right now for Grace Community Church to continue to be a light to this community. I pray for our Let’s Go initiative as we love those in our community and launch opportunities for people to engage with you. I pray that you would expand a heart of generosity within me and that it would impact those I love and care about. May this be seeds for future generations! I pray that you would be with the leadership of Grace Community Church. Give guidance, wisdom, and strength to the pastors. Help them to preach only Your Word. We ask that as the name of Jesus is lifted higher, that you would grow your people. Grow Grace Community Church spiritually, numerically, financially, and relationally. Allow us to experience a move of God through the work of this ministry. Let us never lose focus that we exist to reach out to our community. To be the light to those who have yet to find You. Give us eyes to see what you see and a heart to do what you want us to do. We are grateful for the work you are doing through the people at this church. We are thankful for everyone who contributes and is involved in making this ministry possible. We pray over the different ministries in Grace Community Church that you show us how to serve and minister to others through our specific area of ministry. In Jesus name, Amen.