Day 16 | Prayer for Kids in the Foster Care System and Orphans

By January 22, 201921 Days of Prayer

Abba Father we come to you today knowing that you are good. You defend the weak and the fatherless (Psalm 82:3). You have a plan for every single life that is for their good and your glory. God, we ask you right now to be with children who are in the foster care system and orphans around the world. Help us to show love and compassion for them. Help them to realize how much they matter to us. Break our hearts for those that are hurting and need someone to be a light in this dark world. Help me to play my part in reaching out to them and realizing that they don’t have the luxuries that most kids have.

I pray that you would be with me as I endeavor to raise a family to find and follow you. Help me to lead my children spiritually. Teach me your Word so that I can teach it to them, and see them pass it on to my grandchildren one day. We pray for kids all across the world and ask that you grant them peace in their hearts and the knowledge that they are loved by You and US. We ask all this in Jesus name, Amen