Day 13 | Prayer for our Students

By January 19, 201921 Days of Prayer

Father, thank you for your adoption of us as your children. Jesus, I praise you as the great Teacher and I sit at your feet to learn from you. I also ask you to work through our students in a powerful way this next year. Allow them to be the light that brings God back into our school system. May this be the year that they gain confidence in who they are. Allow them to learn the knowledge of what they need to learn as they grow as people. We also pray for the parents of these students, as they help with homework, and try to get their kids to all the activities that will be held this season. Allow parents to know which activities their kids should be involved in, and which ones to pass on. Allow parents to remain calm, and not get too overwhelmed with everything that they have to do. Above all, we pray that we won’t get too consumed with things that don’t matter and keep you first in all that we do in school and out of school. In Jesus name, we pray these things, Amen