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Binge Mode Ep 10 | With Pastor Jeff Dueck

This week on Binge Mode we’ve got Worship Pastor Jeff Dueck to join us in talking about Man on Fire Week 4. This is where things get serious and we se …

Binge Mode Ep 9 with Pastor Brandon Collins

This week we cover week 4 of Pastor Jarrod’s series Man on Fire. We talk with guest, Pastor Brandon Collins. Discussing how true joy is found only in …

Binge Mode Ep 8 with Pastor Chris Arroyo

In this episode, we sit down with Pastor Chris Arroyo our Youth Pastor leading out the ColllectiveYouth ministry. We talk about what it’s like doing y …

Binge Mode Ep 7 with Janine Dueck

This week on Binge Mode we are diving into Week 1 of Pastor Jarrod’s series Man on Fire. With guest Janine Dueck, we discuss the life of King David an …

Binge Mode Ep 6 – With Pastor Jarrod Jones

This week on Binge Mode we are wrapping up the series Anxious for Nothing. Our special guest, Pastor Jarrod, helps us answer some of the deeper questi …

Binge Mode Ep 5 – with Pastor Mike Jones

This week on Binge Mode we will talk about week 5 of Pastor Jarrod’s series Anxious for Nothing. With guest Pastor Mike Jones, our Creative Arts Direc …

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